Content Owners

CPRM/CPPM enables content providers to have confidence that they can deliver music, videos and other digital media content in a protected, encrypted manner.

  • Provides robust content protection is necessary to ensure that content owners make high-quality content available.
  • Gives confidence that digital media files will stay protected, no matter how widely distributed.
  • End-to-end system offers a flexible platform for the secure distribution of digital media files, while providing consumers with the ease of use needed to enjoy digital media experiences.

Service Providers

CPRM/CPPM benefits to service providers:

  • Enables new business models designed to expand the market for premium digital content.
  • Provides the transparency and portability to enable consumers to enjoy content virtually anywhere on the device of their choice.

Media Manufacturers

CPRM/CPPM benefits for media manufacturers:

  • Allows for the seamless flow of content to a wide variety of digital devices, ensuring the security of premium content as it flows from device to device.
  • Helps protect the rights of content owners, while enabling consumers to enjoy digital content easily and legitimately.
  • Provides the transparency and portability to enable consumers to enjoy content virtually anywhere on the device of their choice.

CE Device and IP Product Manufacturers

CPRM/CPPM can be implemented in a variety of software and hardware based consumer-oriented products focusing on the secure storage and playback of protected content. Benefits to consumer electronics manufacturers:

  • Enables developers to write applications to acquire licenses and decrypt protected digital media files.
  • Ensures consumers will continue to enjoy a wide variety of premium content, offering a convenient way to access their favorite content with greater flexibility and choice to the devices of their choice.


4C Entity has developed a solution: Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) and Content Protection for Pre-recorded Media (CPPM). The CPRM/CPPM specification defines a renewable cryptographic method for protecting entertainment content when recorded on removable and portable physical media including, but not limited to, DVD media and Flash memory.

The CPRM/CPPM specification was designed to meet the robustness and renewability requirements of content owners while balancing the implementation needs of both the consumer electronics and PC industries. Multimedia applications enabled by 4C technologies are creating vast new market opportunities for content providers, service providers, application developers and device manufacturers. By using 4C Entity technology solutions and specifications, device manufacturers can offer consumers a wide range of choice for sharing premium content among digital devices while reducing long development times and resources.